The Hidden Strengths Podcast

Countering Stagnation – 010

What do you do when you feel like you’re making no progress towards your goals? This can be a common feeling for anyone, regardless of if they run their own business or work towards a better career. Here are a few perspectives you can use to shift your mindset and get things rolling again.

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What EQ Can Do For Your Career – 009

What would a high EQ actually look like for you at your job? This episode paints a picture of several areas where you can develop the skills that may not be as technical but are just as important. Using the different emotional intelligences as a starting point, you can start to add value to your work in ways you may not have thought of before.

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Passion after Passion with Jae Yoon – 008

In this special episode, I interview an old friend of mine who has chased after multiple passions successfully in a short amount of time. We dive into how he got into these passions, what made him transition from one into the other and talk about how emotional intelligence came into the picture later in his career.

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Expectations Are The Enemy – 007

When it comes to expectations, there is a lot that we take for granted everyday. But when you take a moment to take a good hard look at your expectations, you may start to wonder why you have them. In this episode, I dive into a few areas where you might want to think twice about what you expect from them.

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The Stories Within You – 006

Who doesn’t love a great story? You’ve probably read, watched or listened to many of them. But what about the stories you tell yourself? This episode dives into limiting narratives, their impact on you and how you can use your emotional intelligence to overcome them.

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Why You Should Build Your Emotional Awareness With Mark Schall – 004

I bring you the first interview ever of the Hidden Strengths podcast! With this episode, I’m talking to Mark Schall, who has been both a mentor and an inspiration to me on my coaching journey. He draws upon a ton of experience to talk about what impact emotional intelligence has had on both his life and the life of those around him. There was no better person to go to for my first interview. Please enjoy.

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Applying Your EQ – 003

In this episode, I explore several areas where emotional intelligence makes a direct impact. EI is often seen as a soft skill, making it hard to measure and improve upon. But there are still many situations where its application determines the level of success you will see.

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A World of Hidden Strengths – 001

Emotional intelligence is a term that has been widely talked about. Its applications range from personal relationships to the most successful businesses in the world. Yet there isn’t that much focus on it. The first episode of this show explores its importance and what’s at stake here.

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What Is This Show About?

What can you do with emotional intelligence? What would your personal relationships, career or business look like if you developed more of your EQ? This podcast will take you through the science and the stories of how you are capable of more than you think.

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